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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Walter FMT Truck Mixer Drum Cleaning System

Conspare Ltd Stand: F6

Walter’s drum cleaning system, FMT, is designed to deep clean truck mixer drums on a daily basis, removing the fresh concrete residue before it turns into hardened build-up. This preventative maintenance tool is an efficient, safe to operate, and cost-effective way to maintain the drum.

The automated FMT system uses a pressure cleaning lance which extends into the truck mixer drum to wash out the concrete residue before it hardens. 220bar of water pressure is delivered via 3 nozzles to provide an intensive deep clean in the drum, including the hard-to-reach areas behind the fins. A standard cleaning cycle takes only 7 minutes and is highly efficient in its use of water, without compromising on cleaning power. The whole process can be undertaken by the truck driver, streamlining the operation of the truck and safeguarding availability.

Benefits of the FMT daily system include:

• Improvements in Health & Safety – no manual cleaning from the inside of the drum
• Lower operating costs – a lighter truck uses less fuel and wears less
• Maintain capacity of drum – transport only fresh concrete rather than hardened build-up
• Extended lifetime of drum – no damage inflicted from manual cleaning
• Higher availability of the vehicle – Short daily cleaning times
• Quick and simple – operated by the truck driver at the touch of a button



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