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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

V9000 Seismograph

Vibrock Ltd Stand: PB16
  • V9000 Seismograph
  • V9000 Seismograph
V9000 Seismograph V9000 Seismograph
  • 40 character x 16 line alphanumeric LCD with graphical representation and backlight
  • Trigger mode for blast monitoring
  • Continuous mode for piling, rail and road traffic monitoring
  • Data stored for all 3 axes, down to 1 m/s intervals
  • Frequency plot and resultant graph
  • Features:    ▪ Triggering from 0.1 mm/s

                              ▪ Auto range from 0.1 mm/s to 200 mm/s

                              ▪ Auto record length from 2 to 15 seconds (in trigger mode)

  • Can trigger and record PPV, acceleration and displacement parameters
  • Monitor in trigger and continuous mode (twin channel option)
  • Air overpressure from 100 dB to 152 dB Linear
  • Memory for approximately 500 trigger events or 21 days continuous recording at 1 second intervals
  • Built in 7day timer function and sleep mode (extends battery life)
  • Instant readout and review of memory event results on LCD
  • Optional internal modem for internet based remote operation and downloading of vibration / frequency data
  • Optional SMS alert functions – low battery, low modem battery, memory full, Seismograph status, and high vibration alerts
  • USB connectivity (plug and play – no set up required

Power Source:                 Four Alkaline ‘D’ cells (optional external 12v or Mains supply)

Battery Life:                     Up to 30 days continuous monitoring (24 hours/day)

Dimensions:                     300mm x 250mm x 180mm

Weight:                             3 Kg

Operating Temperature:   -5°C to +50°C

Optional Modem Specifications:

Power Source:           Separate internal 12v battery gives up to 30 days remote monitoring (24 hours/day)

Battery charger:         Can be used to power the Seismograph and charge the internal modem battery simultaneously

GSM Functions:         Remote download of the Seismographs memory

                                   Remote operation of the Seismograph

                                   Watch the Seismograph monitoring in real time

                                   SMS alarm warnings (6 of)

                                   Programmable timed data upload

Accessories:             1 x tri-axial geophone pack

                                    1 x CD ROM containing Vibrock Software

                                    1 x instruction book

                                    1 x USB download lead

                                    1 x shoulder bag

                                    1 x calibration certificate

Options:                      Modem connectivity

                                     Text alerts (status and alarms)

                                     2nd PPV Transducer

                                     VDV capability

                                     Air over pressure microphone

                                     Two stage audible / visual alarm

                                     GPRS co-ordinate logging for each vibration event



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