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Tyre Management Contracts

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  • Tyre Management Contracts
  • Tyre Management Contracts
Tyre Management Contracts Tyre Management Contracts

Our fully managed account contracts are completely customised to fit your exact requirements. Whereas Pay per hour contracts assure you of a consistent and simple pricing model. And finally, our Pay as you go model offers total flexibility around your budget. All our contracts give you access to our entire suite of services assuring you complete maintenance and protection for your entire fleet.

1. Fully managed account contracts

These contracts represent a close partnership between us. They are fully customised to suit your specific needs ensuring that your machines receive first-class care. 

When you choose a managed account solution you automatically gain several key advantages:

  • We give you your own dedicated Account Manager who understands your business and its unique requirements, ensuring smooth running and best practices throughout every interaction with us.

  • Buying your tyres in bulk from our suppliers means you also benefit from the discount we receive.

  • If we are your sole tyre maintenance supplier, we can include other benefits such as giving you free wheels if you need to move from tubed to tubeless tyres.

  • Managing your tyre stock facilitates good historical data from our regular inspections which in turn leads to better analysis and more economical decisions.

  • As our technicians become familiar with your sites, we can work more quickly resulting in reduced outage time.

  • You only need to perform site inductions once.

  • Having one single point of contact keeps the management of your tyre stock simple and error-free.

2. Pay per hour contracts

Pay per hour is one of the truly innovative ways to contract our tyre maintenance services, giving you a clear pricing model that ensures perfect budgeting. 

Pay per hour is simple: It combines all your tyre costs into one manageable price.

We calculate the total amount of tread available for use per machine. (This is your ‘tyre bank’.) We then estimate the wear rate for each tyre based on past usage and ensure that at the end of the contract, you have the same amount in your ‘tyre bank’ as when you started. This means you are only paying for what you use – not a millimetre more.

Pay per hour includes the following:

  • New tyres costs

  • Fitting costs

  • Pressure inflation

  • Accessories

  • Regular inspections (between 4-12 wks)

  • Management fees

  • Labour

  • Scrapping costs

  • Replacement costs

  • Minor on-site tyre repairs

  • Tyre sealant costs (optional)

When you choose a Pay per hour contract you are futureproofing yourself against any cost increase as the ‘per hour’ charge stays fixed throughout the contract. This protects you from increased tyre prices, scrapping costs, labour charges and more. Plus, it eliminates the need for you to manage your tyre stock leaving your business free to focus on what it does best. All the above are wrapped up into one convenient monthly payment leaving you free from any surprise bills.

3. Pay as you go

This is ideal if you don’t need regular tyre maintenance but do want the very best service.

It gives you access to our full range of services and offers many immediate benefits:

  • Allows you more flexibility in your budgeting.

  • Can fit around your changing business, saving you from regular fixed fees.

  • Improves your cash flow.

  • You’re only charged for the work you need.

  • Try our service with no risk.

Pay as you go gives you the ultimate freedom to manage your tyre requirements and your budget.



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