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Tyre Maintenance

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  • Tyre Maintenance
  • Tyre Maintenance
Tyre Maintenance Tyre Maintenance Tyre Maintenance

Your tyres need regular maintenance just as your vehicles do. Without the proper care and attention, your tyres could underperform or become irreparably damaged – shortening their lifespan and increasing your tyre costs. It’s a problem that we solve for all our customers with a combination of regular inspections and preventative and corrective maintenance. Our tyre maintenance service extends the life of your tyres, reduces costs, minimises sudden failures and maximises your productivity. Our approach to tyre maintenance is to be proactive – we will always advise you on the best choice of action so you can avoid critical failures and additional costs. 


At the heart of effective tyre maintenance are regular inspections. Each inspection collects vital data that enables us to anticipate and predict your tyre needs in advance. This, alongside our visual inspections, gives you a complete picture of any given tyre and can capture the need for maintenance work before it becomes critical or causes an expensive tyre failure.

Every inspection we perform includes the following:

  • Pressure checks
  • Tread depth test
  • Abnormality check
  • Machine data collection
  • Complete reporting

We rotate our inspections every 4-12 weeks depending on your needs. This allows us to build historic data of your tyre inventory which we can then analyse to help you make the best tyre maintenance, replacement and optimisation decisions. 

Pressure Checks and Inflation

Tyres that are not inflated to the correct pressure can suffer serious problems ranging from reduced traction, uneven tread wear and increased fuel use. We take care of this for you by sending one of our highly qualified and trained technicians to return your tyres to their ideal pressure, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Tyre Rotation

Uneven wear can reduce the lifespan of the tyre. For example, wheel loaders wear front tyres faster. A simple solution is to perform tyre rotations. These can be front to back, turning on the rim or corner to corner swaps and can increase your tyre’s lifespan by at least 30%. Our tyre management system uses all data from previous inspections to identify the best time to rotate your tyres guaranteeing you the maximum lifespan.

Tyre Repair

Occasionally, tyres will need repairing to keep them running. Most tyre repairs can be completed on-site minimising downtime for your machine. Because we maintain the highest standards, we always remove the tyre and give it a detailed inspection both externally and internally. (Failing to recognise internal damage increases the likelihood of a return maintenance visit sooner and can shorten the life of the tyre.) When we repair your tyre, you can be assured that it’s a repair made to last.


If the damage to your tyre is more serious it may be necessary to perform a vulcanised repair. This is a rebuild from the inside out of the damaged part of the tyre. Our qualified personnel complete this work at our head office in Stoke-on-Trent. All work is carried out to the British Standard for the patches used in the vulcanisation process ensuring you have the highest quality repair.

Tyre Sealant

Adding tyre sealant can be an aid in some environments that make tyres more prone to punctures. Sealant is injected into the tyre through the valve and as the tyre rotates the sealant immediately fills any punctures. This is particularly beneficial if the tyre has a slow puncture as it stops any potential underinflation and damage. All our depots carry sealant ready whenever you need it. 

Tyre Fill

If your vehicles run in environments that could cause frequent punctures and costly downtime you may need our next day tyre fill service. Each tyre is filled with a urethane mixture, which replaces the air but still leaves a pneumatic cushioning characteristic to the tyre. This effectively removes the possibility of downtime from pressure loss or the hazard of a blowout. Tyre filling enables your machines to work in the most extreme conditions allowing each tyre to perform at its best. And without the costly delays that punctures cause, you can be certain that your work can be completed on time and within budget.



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