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Twin Disc AM345 pump drive

MIT Stand: M14

The Twin Disc  AM345 pump drives are designed to meet the diverse needs of hydraulic systems. This robust drive comes in various gear ratios and offers both speed-increasing and speed-reducing configurations. The modular design allows for flexible input choices—flex plate, rubber block drive, or clutch—to align with SAE engine flywheel sizes. Independent mounting options are also provided, either directly or with a clutch.

The AM345 features standard SAE adaptor kits and numerous non-SAE adaptations to cater to specialized requirements. The Twin Disc range includes models with one to six pump pads, denoted by the first number after "AM" in the model number. For enhanced utility, additional pump pads are available on the input side for selected models such as AM 232, AM 365, AM 450, and AM 480.

Key design features of Twin Disc pump drives:

  • Durable cast iron housings
  • Precision case hardened and ground spur gears (shaved in AM 216—AM 320 series)
  • Reliable ball bearings
  • Case hardened shafts
  • High-quality Viton seals on input shaft
  • Output rotation in the opposite direction to input
  • Uniform gear ratios across all outputs
  • Designed for maximum input torque with an extensive gear life and minimum L10 bearing life of 10,000 hours

Choose Twin Disc for a pump drive that complements and enhances your hydraulic applications.


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