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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Tuffbelt Conveyors

Tufftruk Ltd Stand: C4
  • Tuffbelt Conveyors
  • Tuffbelt Conveyors
  • Tuffbelt Conveyors
Tuffbelt Conveyors Tuffbelt Conveyors Tuffbelt Conveyors

EFFICIENT - a large hopper permits loading with a mini excavator
and reduces material spillage.
PRACTICAL - the movable support allows Tuffbelt to be placed
exactly above the next one. The handy hoppers ensure each
conveyor belt can be loaded perfectly.
RELIABLE - built for hire, Tuffbelt is built for the toughest materials
and construction sites.
SIMPLE - a simple belt scraper keeps the belts clean.
Easy to maintain and adjust.
• 50 tonnes / hour with unique belt speed of 24m/min.
• A high yield, good use of capacity and long-term hire.
• An extremely robust, galvanised steel frame with an
ultra-reliable rubber belt.
• A product that is easy to handle and store and very
simple mechanically.
• Mini-Maxi conveyor belts satisfy the strictest safety standards.



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