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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Track Pin Press - 63 Ton

Rehobot Ltd Stand: PB37
  • Track Pin Press - 63 Ton
  • Track Pin Press - 63 Ton
Track Pin Press - 63 Ton Track Pin Press - 63 Ton

The Hydraulic Track Pin Press, TPP63 is a pressing tool used to remove and installing the end bolt on track chains on excavators. The tool can be used on site to save time and in inaccessible places where other equipment is difficult to access. Connect a hydraulic pump and the TPP63 is ready to use.

Features of the TPP63

  • Perform operation in situ
  • 63 ton capacity
  • Cylinder CHF63-60 included
  • Working pressure 70 MPa
  • Accessories for different track sizes included
  • Assemble tool in place for easy handling.

The TPP63 has a pressing kapacity of 63 metric ton and comes with 6 different sized combinations of mandrel and centering sleeves for a number of different track sizes. The product with accessories is delivered in a plywood storage box.

Fields of use where the TPP63 is applicable may include:

  • Forest machinery
  • Construction sites
  • Mining facilities
  • Landscaping operations


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