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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Tapered roller bearings

The Timken Company Stand: Q12

Timken® Tapered Roller Bearings increase performance, reduce downtime and extend maintenance intervals.

Optimised surfaces extend bearing life
Advanced superfinishing technology creates smooth roller and race surfaces that improve lubrication, help reduce wear and friction, lower operating temperatures and reduce noise and vibration.

Steel Quality
Cleaner steel enhances fatigue life. Optimised heat treatment increases wear resistance and helps protect against shock and acceleration. For the most difficult applications, case-hardened steels can handle even the most adverse conditions.

Enhanced Raceway and Roller Profiles
Uniform stress distribution along the full roller contact length minimizes wear, reduces sensitivity to misalignment and helps bearings last longer. Profiles can be optimised for heavy loads, significant misalignment or both.

Performance Density
Continuous improvements in design, manufacturing and materials translate into either smaller, lighter bearings, heavier load carrying capacity or longer predicted useful bearing life.

True Rolling Motion
Designed according to geometrical law, the extensions of the raceways and the rollers meet at a common point on the bearing axis. True rolling motion allows for higher speeds with minimum roller skewing or skidding.

Positive Roller Alignment
A seating force pushes the rollers’ spherical ends against the race rib. This prevents rollers from skewing through positive roller alignment, thereby enhancing bearing life, stiffness and accuracy.



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