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SealTek Conveyor Sealing System

ProSpare Ltd Stand: F6
  • SealTek Conveyor Sealing System
  • SealTek Conveyor Sealing System
SealTek Conveyor Sealing System SealTek Conveyor Sealing System

Material spillage and dust emission from belt conveyors at transfer and loading points are commonplace. This problem creates a hot-spot for maintenance and a source of regular housekeeping for clean-up.

SealTek is the next generation of skirting systems. It offers an exceptional seal to the belt and provides the simplest of maintenance, ensuring minimal spillage and dust emission over the long term.

Interlocking components provide optimum seal

At the heart of SealTek is its patented sealing arrangement. Collectively, the blocks form a continuous seal, yet they can still be individually adjusted and replaced with ease. The rubber blocks on the length of SealTek all interlock and overlap, eliminating areas in which material can escape. The steel backing plate is also designed to dovetail with additional lengths of SealTek. This ensures a consistent and continual seal throughout the transfer point and protects the rubber blocks from excessive material pressure.

Simple to install, quick to maintain

The rubber sealing blocks are held in place with clever serrated clamps. These clamps ensure that the blocks cannot be pushed out of place or rotated, but allow for adjustment down to belt surface without the need to unfasten the clamp. Simply, the rubber blocks can be knocked down to the correct level by tapping the head with a suitable hammer.

The new design also maximises the service life of the components to reduce whole life costs. The SealTek S blocks can be adjusted down by 60mm, over 50% of the block compound, resulting in long-life and minimal product waste



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