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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Sandmaster™ DP Series

Weir Minerals Stand: A4

Sandmaster™ DP series sand wash plants feature the same industry-leading technology and benefits of the Sandmaster™ SP series. However, the dual-grade sand plant has added functionality which enables it to create two separate sand products, simultaneously.

The raw sand is fed onto the coarse side of the split-deck Enduron® dewatering screen. The coarse sand is washed on this side of the screen with the aid of spray bars and discharged to the stock pile.

The finer material passes through the screen into the sump. It is then pumped by a Warman® WGR™ pump to the Cavex® hydrocyclone for ultra-fines removal. The fine sand is then discharged onto the Enduron® screen for dewatering and discharged to the stock pile. The coarse and fine sand may be blended using a blending mechanism located on the discharge chutes.



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