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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Remu Screening Buckets

Worsley Plant Stand: W1
  • Remu Screening Buckets
  • Remu Screening Buckets
  • Remu Screening Buckets
Remu Screening Buckets Remu Screening Buckets Remu Screening Buckets

Are you looking for waste screening equipment that separates rather than crushes material, and runs smoothly in all weather conditions? Worsley Plant can offer advice on which REMU screening bucket is best for you. All models of screening bucket are excavator-friendly and, thanks to their hydraulic system, virtually impossible to block. They screen material that other products won’t, and will work all year round. REMU screening buckets are ideal for a wide range of applications including topsoil cleaning, composting, backfilling and pipeline cover.

The  Crossover Bucket (XO) is a totally new concept in screening bucket technology.  One bucket frame with multiple work modules enabling a quick transition between different jobs.  It’s perfect if you process several different materials.  Work modules available include:

  • Blade Screen
  • Screener Crusher
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Concrete Mixer


  • Demolition tools
  • Buckets and attachments
  • Grabs and grapples
  • Crusher buckets
  • Recycling equipment & plant
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