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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

RacloFlex™ Z²

MLT Minet Lacing Technology SAS Stand: PB18
  • RacloFlex™ Z²
  • RacloFlex™ Z²
  • RacloFlex™ Z²
RacloFlex™ Z² RacloFlex™ Z² RacloFlex™ Z²

An ingenious system that fits most conveyor structures. Each anti-clogging profile blade is equipped with internal 2 springs and is quickly connected on a pivot that allows slight rotation and easy change without adjustment. The multi-blades of the RacloFlex™ Z² are automatically adjusted to the belt.


  • Economic and adaptable
  • High performance cleaning
  • Only worn blades require replacement
  • Adjustable on concave or convexe belt
  • Automatic realignment of blades to ensure central wearing


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