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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

R-Link Proximity Warning System

Reactec Stand: RA2

With advanced technology, R-Link allows you to alert workers to dangerous proximity to hazards while the Reactec Analytics gives you unprecedented insight into employee behaviour and near miss trends to design safer work environments. 

Reactec's sophisticated proximity warning system is designed to be configured to your dynamic operating environment:

- Alert pedestrians to active vehicles, machinery and unsafe areas
- Allow the range of an exclusion zone to be configured in the field
- Allow authorised close-working within exclusion zones
- Record data insight to refine controls and prevent future incidents

In this video, we demonstrate how R-Link's proximity detection capability can keep workers safe from straying dangerously close to moving vehicles or active equipment using the latest ultrawide band technology for fast and accurate detection. The video also demonstrates how employers can use the Reactec Analytics to provide intelligent insight into the who, where and how often near-misses occur:


  • Fleet management
  • Health and safety services
  • PPE workwear and accessories
  • Reverse warning systems
  • Vibration and noise monitoring
  • Vibration control systems


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