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MCCU-20 UHF/4G Radio modem

Saderet Ltd Stand: RD7
  • MCCU-20 UHF/4G Radio modem
  • MCCU-20 UHF/4G Radio modem
MCCU-20 UHF/4G Radio modem MCCU-20 UHF/4G Radio modem

SATEL's MCCU-20 is a radio modem used for receiving GNSS RTK Base station correction data on a vehicle via UHF or 4G to feed into the onboard machine control system via RS-232 serial.

The MCCU-20 meets IP67 and IP69K classification and withstands high vibration and shock. It's based on field-proven mechanics, and all of the electrical connections are equipped with surge and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection.

The MCCU-20 is agnostic in that it supports all of the industry standard compatibility modes so can be used with 3rd party GNSS base stations and UHF radios.

In addition to receiving RTK corrections, other potential uses for it include sending/receiving:
 - Collision avoidance signaling (CAS)
 - Machine to machine commands (V2V also V2X)
 - Central control signal
 - Safety signaling


  • Communication systems
  • GPS systems
  • Sensors
  • Surveying equipment/services
  • Vehicle tracking systems


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