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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

MASS Barriers

Hardstaff Barriers Stand: C35

The MASS Barrier is a multi-functional safety system featuring a robust steel base that supports five distinct top sections tailored for various site requirements. This system excels in diverse sectors such as aviation, nuclear, and construction, providing effective pedestrian segregation and traffic protection in urban areas. The top sections include:

  • MASS 1: Offering high visibility and enhanced strength through a connected top attachment. Thoroughly tested to T2 W5 standards, MASS 1 ensures reliable protection from vehicle incursions for the workforce, vehicle occupants, and pedestrians.
  • Pedestrian Guard: This low-level fencing improves pedestrian safety, easily attaching to the base for quick installation or replacement, and is customizable for branding purposes.
  • VisiRail: Combining the benefits of the Pedestrian Guard with a high-visibility security rail, VisiRail adheres to safety regulations and can also be customised for promotional use.
  • SiteGuard: An anti-climb, galvanized mesh fencing that extends over two base units, offering excellent perimeter security for sites and projects.
  • ScreenGuard: A hoarding panel that ensures privacy and security on worksites, reinforced with a support beam for additional strength against elements like high winds.

The MASS Barrier system is quick to assemble with plug-in sections, requiring no drilling into the road for setups not needing EN1317 level protection. Available for rent or purchase, it provides a comprehensive, adaptable solution for managing traffic and enhancing safety with minimal impact on traffic flow.



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