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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Martin Bulk Material Handling

Martin Stand: RD12

Since 1969, Martin has been the industry-leading screw conveyor manufacturer by delivering systems that reduce costs and increase productivity.  Decades of engineering expertise ensures custom designs are optimized to each user’s unique material handling needs. Martin screw conveyors maximize component life by preventing flight material buildup and operate safely by providing easy access points to high wear components.


Martin has a long history of designing and manufacturing drag conveyors dating back more than 60 years to the Fort Worth Steel’s "incline drag flight elevator". Currently we offer a broad line of standard and made-to-order drag conveyors to meet our customer’s conveying requirements, be it conveying grains or heavy abrasive materials. We have handled these materials in the horizontal, inclined and vertical planes. Martin is ready and willing to help design and manufacture the drag you need for your special application. We are always driven to provide the highest quality service, products and value to our customer without compromising safety.


Martin bucket elevators operate safely, maximize uptime and deliver longer life. Reducing noise during operation, limiting exposure to contamination, and minimizing maintenance creates a safer work environment. Including self-cleaning components and easy access points to wear items not only extends life, but also reduces the frequency of maintenance touches required over the life of the elevator. Fewer touches equal a safer operation. Martin bucket elevators increase yield and reduce costs through design and construction practices that optimize speed, load capacity, and temperature capabilities while ensuring less buildup and product contamination. Utilizing a Martin bucket elevator design enables you to keep employees safe, increase throughput, and reduce costs over the life of the application.



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