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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

John Deere JD18 Industrial Diesel Engine

Barrus Ltd Stand: C39

Expanded power

New to the John Deere lineup, the JD18 extends the rated power range to 522 - 677 kW (700 - 908 hp). It features a rear-gear train for excellent direct power and quiet operation. With options for up to two rear auxiliary drives, the JD18 produces s total of 902 Nm (665lb-ft) maximum torque.

Reliability through innovation

The new combustion technology offers a simplified air system with fixed and wastegate turbos, allowing the engine to meet emissions requirements without applying aftertreatment. This feature provides simplified engine integration and a compact package size.

Extreme durability

A bedplate design provides structural benefits for extreme durability. It is built for 20,000 hours of operation with the ability to be rebuilt twice.

Ease of maintenance and service

Hydraulic lash adjusters offer a maintenance-free valve train, eliminating the need to reset the lash.




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