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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Industrial Filter Bags

JOB Filtration UK Ltd Stand: PD34
  • Industrial Filter Bags
  • Industrial Filter Bags
  • Industrial Filter Bags
Industrial Filter Bags Industrial Filter Bags Industrial Filter Bags

Filter bags play a crucial role in the mining industry by separating contaminants (such as powder, dust, fumes, or smoke) from gas streams, typically air. They can collect solid particulates for useful purposes or remove them as contaminants. These bags are essential for dust filtration systems across various process industries.

The effectiveness and lifespan of filter bags significantly impact plant efficiency. In addition to their filtration capabilities, we prioritise minimising energy consumption for each cubic meter of gas filtered. This involves achieving low differential pressure (dP) and designing units with energy efficiency in mind, particularly focusing on fan consumption.

For example, reducing the DeltaP by 100 Pa at a flow rate (Q) of 100,000 m³/h results in energy savings of 3.47 kW/h. Over a year of continuous operation (8,000 hours), this amounts to substantial energy savings of 27,700 kW. These efforts contribute significantly to overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



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