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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Industrial Filter Bags

Alkegen Stand: PC32

Filter media for efficient particle collection to enhance product recovery and improve control of dust emission.


Needlefelts are generally the prime choice for surface collection media maintaining higher permeability and lower pressure drop.  They are constructed asymmetrically for optimum abrasion resistance, and are made from selected synthetic fibres.  The fibres are homogenously blended prior to the needling and finishing processes.


In dry filtration and dust collection the felt is designed to produce maximum toughness (energy to rupture) and flex resistance (minimum stiffness) to give prolonged operating life. Extended life also results from control of pore size and permeability, thus avoiding premature blinding.


Various finishing processes are designed to give the required dimensional stability, strength, permeability, porosity and surface finish. The collection surfaces maintain a high pore utility and range from 50% to over 85% of the surface area.


Alkegen Industrial Filtration offer the most comprehensive range of felt designs available.


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