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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Hammerglass Operator Guard

Hammerglass AB Stand: Q2
  • Hammerglass Operator Guard
  • Hammerglass Operator Guard
Hammerglass Operator Guard Hammerglass Operator Guard

The Hammerglass Operator Guard – HOG – is an enhanced protection of the machine front. It offers maximum security for the operator. The guard consists of a steel frame together with a 12 mm Hammerglass and a sacrificial ScreenSaver Screen in various thicknesses. The standard setup is with a 4 mm ScreenSaver and it offers a safety level which makes it possible for the operator to work without a steel grid. The setup of Hammerglass’ Operator Guard offers the same and higher safety standard as a grid and blocks flying objects that might have passed through a metal grid.
The ScreenSaver screen can be changed and easily removed in just a few minutes by the operator or machine owner depending on the usage of the operator guard. For example, if the machine is working with risk of glass breakage in a quarry or in demolition, the operator guard must be equipped with the ScreenSaver screen in order to fulfill the certifications and standards required for this line of work. But if the machine is working in a risk-free work environment the ScreenSaver screen might be removed for maximum optical quality. 
The ScreenSaver offers a duality in its upsides. On the one hand, if offers enhanced safety for the operator and on the other hand it takes the wear and tear so the 12 mm screen doesn’t need to be changed.
The Operator Guard is mounted on the original attachment points of the cab and will not affect the certification of the machine. The mounting of the operator guard takes about one to two hours and can be done in a normal workshop. With the protection, the operator stands ready to meet a variety of hazards that might happen when working with heavy machinery – rock falls, ricochets, propelling debris and explosions. 
The safety standards for operator protection require the protection to be tested against a measurable force and marked with the International Standards and safety levels that correspond to the protection. Our operator guard is labelled with these standards since it has passed all the required testing. The label makes it easier for operators, safety representatives and employers to know that the measures we have taken comply with all existing directives and legal requirements. 
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