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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Foretack Bara (Battery Powered GPS Device)

Foresolutions Ltd Stand: RB10
  • Foretack Bara (Battery Powered GPS Device)
  • Foretack Bara (Battery Powered GPS Device)
Foretack Bara (Battery Powered GPS Device) Foretack Bara (Battery Powered GPS Device)

Barra GPS Features

High Precision GPS

Multiple GNSS constellations are utilized for highly accurate outdoor location tracking with Cell Tower Location fallback.

'Deploy Once' Battery Life

Powered by user-replaceable 2 x AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries for 8+ years of battery life with ‘Battery Low’ and ‘Battery Critical’ alerts.

Slim & Ultra-Rugged

Ultra-rugged and waterproof IP68 and IK07-rated housing ensures the Barra GPS can withstand impact, fine dust, and brief submersion.

Magnetic Activation & Tamper Detection

Simplify and secure deployments with magnetic activation and tamper detection.

Wire-Free Installation

Compact and concealable. Multiple installation options for covertly and easily securing the device to assets with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more. Stainless steel screws supplied.

Flexible Configuration

Configure device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement and accelerometer settings, and more to fit any tracking application.

Periodic or Movement-Based

Adaptive tracking technology detects when the device is on the move and increases the update rate, providing detail when you need it while conserving battery when stationary.

Asset Utilization

Capture run hours based on movement to understand and optimize asset utilization.

Theft Recovery

Switch to Recovery Mode in the case of theft or loss to activate real-time tracking for asset retrieval.

White-Label Ready

Non-branded housing for seamless deployments under your own brand.



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