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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Driver app

Podfather Stand: RB13

Once set up the app will allow your drivers to collect all vehicle check information (inc. photos), you can upload job information, track vehicle movements and capture electronic proof of delivery in real time.  If you run third party vehicles and drivers they just need to download the app onto their own smartphone and away they go.


  • Paperless: Our driver app replaces the need to use paper tickets.  Think of it as digital job ticketing, with vehicle checks thrown in. 
  • Easy to use: The Podfather driver app is easy to use.  There is a clear interface, and we provide clear training and guidance.  
  • Real time visibility: Using a driver app, instead of paper, enables you to keep track of information in real time.  Improving visibility and control. 
  • Invoice faster: If drivers use the Podfather app you get real-time visibility of job completion including any issues.  Invoice faster and improve cash flow.

Feature highlights:

  • Route & delivery instructions: You can configure the driver app to force a vehicle check, or not, before job information is accessible.  Jobs are displayed in delivery order and any specific instructions are clearly visible.  Drivers have all the required information at their fingertips. 
  • Inbuilt navigation: Driver navigation is included as standard for those that need guiding between drops.  Running electric vehicles, that’s no problem we’ll include the range.  Running HGVs that’s no problem either.  We’ll get your drivers to the right place in the most efficient route.  
  • Collect proof of delivery: A big driver app benefit is that you can use it to capture electronic proof of delivery.  That includes electronic signatures, barcode scanning, photographs and details of any item discrepancies (e.g. Rejected items).  Capture the exact date, time and GPS location for all deliveries.


  • Communication systems
  • Computer software
  • Computer systems
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle tracking systems


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