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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Pushbutton Systems

Irugasa Power Solutions Stand: PB21A
  • Pushbutton Systems
  • Pushbutton Systems
  • Pushbutton Systems
Pushbutton Systems Pushbutton Systems Pushbutton Systems

These systems have been designed taking into account the market demands and the needs of the end users. Danfoss have created them in a way that we fulfill the safety requirements of today and also anticipate the safety trends of the future.

Ikargo is the newest customizable handheld system which can be used in a wide range of configurations. This handheld has been designed with customization, service, robustness and user ergonomics in mind.

Ikargo comprises two models, Ikargo 1 (6 pushbuttons + multikey) and Ikargo 2 (10 pushbuttons + multikey) which depend on the number of functions different projects will need.

Both Ikargo transmitter models include a multikey, which is a device connected to the transmitter via RFID. This multikey can be used as the Key, as the Start and as a selector switch.

Ikompact is our handheld unit exclusively designed for mobile applications. This transmitter works in the 2.4 GHz universal band and it is used in utility/service cranes.  

Ikompact comprises two models, Ikompact 8 (8 push buttons) and Ikompact 12 (12 push buttons), which depend on the number of functions different projects will need. 

Ikore represents the new generation of handheld units and is ready to operate in the 2.4 GHz universal band.

With the user perspective in mind, Ikore has been designed with a small size and weight without sacrificing the robustness. The improved ergonomics prevents the user from suffering postural fatigue. This handheld transmitter is our newest solution for standard overhead crane applications.




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