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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

CTFleet Link® Telematics

Hitachi Construction Machinery UK Stand: Z3 Y1
  • CTFleet Link® Telematics
  • CTFleet Link® Telematics
CTFleet Link® Telematics CTFleet Link® Telematics

CTFleet Link® gives you access to a live online portal to monitor the performance and location of not just your Hitachi equipment in real time but also those of other manufacturers you may have in your fleet.

An industry first, CTFleet Link® also delivers live data into the portal from any Xwatch Safety Solutions system fitted to the machine, when paired with our CTFleet Link® telematics device.

CTFleet Link® is the perfect solution for your fleet management requirements, not only is it compatible with your Hitachi assets from ZX-5 through to the latest ZX-7 excavators, it is also the perfect companion for your other OEM equipment from small tooling and ancillary plant, up to the largest equipment in your fleet.


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