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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

CM55 CannonMister Dust Suppression

Dustquip Ltd Stand: D15

The CANNON MISTER is an answer to environmental dust and odour hazards.

The CM will suppress fine airborne dust particles with its electric-powered fan blowing fine water droplets created by special misting nozzles.

The dust cannon has a high-pressure water pump and fan that will throw mist 30 to 55 meters using 20 litres per minute, which saves water and reduces flooding the site.

The CM55 includes the design protected MD plastic moulded air intake to decrease noise and improve power efficiency.

Ideal for waste recycling, demolition, mining and construction sites where dust is an issue.


  • Air cannons
  • Bowsers
  • Dust control/suppression


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