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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Centrax Belt Tracking Rollers

ProSpare Ltd Stand: F6
  • Centrax Belt Tracking Rollers
  • Centrax Belt Tracking Rollers
Centrax Belt Tracking Rollers Centrax Belt Tracking Rollers

Mis-tracked conveyors can lead to premature belt and conveyor wear, as well as material spillage. Ensuring belts are properly tracked will safeguard their operational efficiency. 

Centrax conveyor belt trackers quickly and automatically correct belt misalignment, it steers the belt back into position using a mechanical feedback system. As the misaligned belt travels over the Centrax the rollers automatically swivel or tilt to change their axes of rotation, so that as the belt moves forward it is driven back onto the correct line of travel.

What sets Centrax apart from other belt-tracking solutions is the powerful grip it achieves. Its heavy-duty conical rollers with diamond-cut rubber lagging create high friction, even when wet, to powerfully steer the belt back into alignment immediately.



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