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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Carlson Machine Control

Carlson Software Stand: PC48
  • Carlson Machine Control
  • Carlson Machine Control
  • Carlson Machine Control
Carlson Machine Control Carlson Machine Control Carlson Machine Control

• Flexible, easy-to-use, and easy-to-learn
• Consistent UI across all machines
• Multiple view options: profile, section, and plan
• Peer-to-peer communication and information sharing
• Ready for a single machine or complete fleet
• Features CAD importation capability
• Real-time machine view
• NTRIP and VRS compatible
• Troubleshooting capability from anywhere in the world

Real-Time, GPS-based Software and Technology Solutions for Machines
• Real-time cut/fill color map and on grade indication
• Real-time updates to surfaces
• Real-time machine tracking
• Operator views and pre-start checks
• Dig-to-design utilizing existing surfaces or block models
• Build-to-design for better highwall construction and proper bench elevation 

Improve Site Safety and Reduce Incidents
• Increase operator situational awareness through proximity warnings between machines and fixed assets
• Increase operator awareness by utilising 2D and 3D watch zones and warning zones
• Increase safety for surveyors and engineers by reducing survey time in the field

Drill Features
• Complete view of drill pattern layout
• Accurate hole navigation
• Elevation and hole depth indication
• Synchronization with existing onboard systems
• Options for hole tagging for blasting engineers
• Works with Atlas Copco, FlexiROC, SmartROC, PowerROC, and more

In the office or remote location
• Generate efficiency reports
• View daily work area reports
• View real-time cut/fill color map of the site in your office
• Replay machine movements
• Manage machine files
• Machine timeline views



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