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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Bowman Oilless Bearings - WMO

Bowman International Ltd Stand: PB24
  • Bowman Oilless Bearings - WMO
  • Bowman Oilless Bearings - WMO
  • Bowman Oilless Bearings - WMO
Bowman Oilless Bearings - WMO Bowman Oilless Bearings - WMO Bowman Oilless Bearings - WMO

Our WMO range of oilless bearings is the perfect solution for projects where lubrication cannot easily be provided or where conventional lubricants may carbonise. The design of oil feeding systems is time-consuming and expensive - The use of our oilless bearings can greatly reduce costs of maintenance and oil as it removes any need for such a system.

Bowman Oilless bearings have been developed for high load, low-speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.

Our oilless bearings are graphite loaded and can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C (800F) as well as cryogenic temperatures down to -200°C (-400°F) depending on which material is selected.

Bowman oilless bearings benefit from outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance. The lubricant used in these bearings is formed from abrasion resistant materials (such as graphite, PTFE etc) and has a stabilised molecular structure.

These oilless bearings are suitable for dry environments where contamination is a risk, wet applications where there is high humidity and applications where the bearing is in an inaccessible location. Bowman Oilless bearings are lubricated for life!



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