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Automation Studio™ Live Manifold

Famic Technologies Inc. Stand: PA14
  • Automation Studio™ Live Manifold
  • Automation Studio™ Live Manifold
Automation Studio™ Live Manifold Automation Studio™ Live Manifold

With this software solution, the time to develop hydraulic manifold design to production is cut by 80%!

Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HIC) is the technology of choice for designers of compact, efficient and reliable systems. Manifold design software provides unsurpassed advantages, recognized and implemented across the industry. After more than two decades of supplying Automation Studio™ to the industry, Famic Technologies Inc. has developed a software solution that addresses the entire workflow of manifolds, reducing time and expenses.

Automation Studio™ Live Manifold is streamlined to quickly and correctly propose and implement systems. From quoting to final design, Automation Studio™ Live Manifold reduces processing times and produces a better final product quality.

  • Comprehensive Library Built Upon Manufacturers’ Product Specifications
  • Product Configuration Dialogue Box
  • Import / Export for Easy Work-Sharing
  • Complete Multi-Project Environment with History Tracking
  • Complete Reporting for Project Details
  • Intuitive 3D Interface
  • Virtual Prototype Simulations


Key Benefits:

  • Improve your manifold design process using an all-in-one trade-oriented software solution.
  • Explore different modes of design: auto-routing or manual, according to the complexity of your manifolds.
  • Benefit from extensive component documentation of our Manufacturers’ Catalogues including: PDF specifications, ISO1219 symbols, simulation parameters, 3D models, etc.
  • Reduce design iterations and delivery time by producing clear design details of your manifolds.
  • Optimize your manifolds according to important design criterion: block size, component and port location, manufacturing process, price, etc.
  • Configure and implement manifold design standards to ensure quality and consistency: drilling rules, spacing rules, cavity rules, etc.
  • Simulate your manifolds to test, analyze and compare performances of different manifold design solutions throughout your design process in order to exceed client expectations.
  • Speed up the process of creating a specialized manifold through the intuitive 3D editor and available tools: drag & drop 2D components from schematics to the 3D editor and position, dimension and measure the performances of routing channels.
  • Avoid design errors with real time synchronization and interaction between the schematic and the 3D manifold.
  • Generate comprehensive project reports including engineering drawings.


  • Automation and control systems
  • Computer software
  • Computer systems
  • Education/training
  • Excavators
  • Excavators (mini)
  • Hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic test equipment
  • Maintenance products
  • Tractors


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