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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Automated Chip Spreader

Unilokomotive Ltd Stand: Q4
  • Automated Chip Spreader
  • Automated Chip Spreader
  • Automated Chip Spreader
Automated Chip Spreader Automated Chip Spreader Automated Chip Spreader

Description: This tailboard chip spreader is truck rear mounted with pneumatic control on the chip gates. All functions of the chip spreader are controlled remotely from the truck cab or by operator with remote control console. Chippings are spread at precise pre-programmed rates of spread, avoiding waste and loose surplus chippings. The Chip Spreader can be mounted on all makes of truck.

Chippings size: 0-14mm

Spread width: The spread width of 3,200mm, giving 350mm past the width of the truck, allows chipping right up to the kerb or grass margin without the need for truck tracking in this area.

Spread control: The overall cover width of 3,200mm is fed by 14 no. chip gates. Opening and closing of the gates is controlled by electro/ pneumatic cylinders. Each gate is controlled by a switch on the remote console. The chip distribution bar speed is controlled to give a precise chippings spread output. The chipping strip width can be varied on the move.

Drive: The Roller is driven by variable speed 24v electric motor and gearbox providing an even and constant drive for the rotor.

Remote control: The functions on the chip spreader are operated by remote control and the console is mounted in the cab of the truck or can be operated by an operator walking alongside the truck .

Vision: Colour cameras and monitors are fitted to the unit giving the driver a view of the area being chipped and the chippings load remaining.

Storage: A quick attached landing leg set allows for removal of the gritter in minutes from the truck body by tipping. Quick release couplings for the air and electric connections are colour coded.



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