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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

12 Jun 2024

Join the debate on The Changing Face of Construction at Hillhead 2024

Join the debate on The Changing Face of Construction at Hillhead 2024
Susannah Streeter

In partnership with Tarmac, Hillhead will be hosting the ‘Changing Face of Construction’ roundtable from 11:30–12:30 Thursday 27 June at Stand H1, located at the bottom of the ramp at Hillhead.

The event will be chaired and moderated by Susannah Streeter who worked with the BBC for 20 years and is now a professional broadcaster and conference host. 

Embracing diversity and hearing from individuals who come from different organizations, different industries, and different walks of life, the roundtable will discuss fresh perspectives on key business strategies and how industry can attract and retain talent from new generations, whilst promoting inclusivity. The panel will address the drive for creativity, challenge the status quo, and debate how organizations and companies can support the construction industry in accelerating the pace of change. 

The panel will be made up by both senior industry professionals and apprentices who will share their own personal experiences on where the challenges lie in making construction more inclusive and diverse. The panel includes:

Peter Kay – Head of learning and development, Tarmac – the UK’s largest aggregate producer. 

Sonali Sahi – Graduate process engineer, Tarmac

Neeraj Lohana – Graduate production engineer, Tarmac

Lisa Saunders  – who spent 10 years as people and culture director at John Wainwright & Co and now promotes a competent and diverse future workforce through Minerals Matters. Lisa is also a board trustee for the Institute of Quarrying and continues to lead the Mineral Products Association mental health working group, issuing guidance to industry on reducing the risk of work-related stress.

Clare Howcutt-Kelly – Digital editor with The QMJ Group and passionate about encouraging more representation for women in the construction industry and making the sector more inclusive generally.

Neil Fowkes – Early career talent manager at JCB – one of the UK’s leading construction equipment suppliers. Neil is passionate about making the industry as inclusive as possible to attract the best talent.

Rebecca Brooks – Chartered Management Business degree apprentice, JCB.

Limited seating will be available at Stand H1 to listen to the debate and ask questions at the end of the roundtable. These will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

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