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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

23 Mar 2021

Looking at the materials challenges and scale of HS2

Looking at the materials challenges and scale of HS2

Andy Brown, construction logistic and mass haul lead, HS2, will be kicking off the Infrastructure stream seminar proceedings, with a close look at the aggregates and building materials required for the construction of the new high-speed railway.

Entitled ‘HS2’s material management efficiency drive’, Mr Brown’s presentation paper will give an overview of the mammoth task of ensuring HS2 (and all new railway projects) is built with low carbon materials whilst driving innovation in design, engineering and operation to minimize its entire carbon footprint.

Materials efficiency and supply are at the heart of this design process; and for HS2 to become an environmentally responsible infrastructure project, the HS2 team and its construction partners are leaning towards minimizing the carbon and cost impacts of importing additional materials that are needed.

For more information about the Infrastructure stream click here.



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