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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

03 Mar 2021

Exploring innovative road materials

Exploring innovative road materials

FM Conway’s expertise in recycled materials has allowed an asphalt surface course containing 50% recycled content (RAP) to be laid for the first time on the UK’s strategic road network. The material was laid on a section of the M25 between Junctions 25 and 26 during an overnight closure in September 2019.

The RAP for the M25 project came from two ‘donor’ sites within the Connect Plus area, where Skanska were required to plane off the existing surface course for remedial works. Prior to planing, FM Conway took 24 core samples from the two sites and tested them in their Gravesend laboratory to ensure the material would be suitable.

Before the landmark highway scheme, standard practice had been to limit the recycled content of surface courses for motorways and A-roads to around 10%. The use of 50% RAP on the M25, however, marked a step change in the use of recycled material on UK roads that could result in huge environmental benefits if adopted across the network.

Mark Flint, head of technical at FM Conway, will be presenting ‘Recycling and alternative specifications’ which explores the use of innovative asphalt mixes and the importance of extensive core sampling and testing at the company’s Gravesend laboratory, which were central to the success of the reclaimed asphalt pavement.

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