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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

17 Mar 2021

Delivering net-zero emissions using AI

Delivering net-zero emissions using AI

Foundation industries, such as cement, steel and glass, are vital to the global economy – producing 75% of all the material in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

They are also responsible for 10% of UK carbon emissions and 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Foundation industries face a perfect storm of increasing energy costs, investor pressure on environmental, social and governance (ESG), and carbon pricing. But they do not have to choose between profit and sustainability.

Leveraging world-class expertise from UCL and Cambridge University in artificial intelligence (AI), energy efficiency and industrial processes improvements – Carbon Re are pioneering powerful AI tools to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, whilst providing strong financial and environmental benefits to manufacturers. 

The company’s research-backed software solution has the potential to reduce energy costs by 8% and fuel-derived emissions by 20% in cement production in the UK, with savings of up to 5% of turnover, including carbon tax savings. 

To find out more about the company’s zero loss AI approach and digital solutions, Sherif Elsayed-Ali, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Re, will be presenting ‘Enabling zero-carbon manufacturing: AI solutions for cement’ as part of the ‘Decarbonization Industry Spotlight’ session on Tuesday 30 March.



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