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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

24 Mar 2021

Be a part of the digital revolution...

Be a part of the digital revolution...

Taking place on Wednesday 31st March, the Digitalization stream of the online New Horizons I Building the Recovery Conference provides the perfect platform to learn about new technologies, share innovative ideas and begin to understand how digitalization and automation will transform the mineral extractives sector for decades to come.


The day will be hosted by Zoe Kleinman, a leading BBC technology journalist and presenter with a passion for all things tech and 20 years of broadcasting experience.

Choose from 15 free-to-attend presentations throughout the day.  Join live Q&A for each speaker and build your knowledge from specialist panels concluding each of the three sessions below:

Removing the Human Factor 09:30-11:15

What was once just a vision is starting to become a reality – the ‘digital quarry’. Driving this transformation are technologies such as 5G, GPS, LiDAR, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Whether it is the evolution of fully autonomous trucks and loaders, the remote control and monitoring of on-site plant and equipment, or the use of drones for face and stockpile surveys, digitalization will continue to transform the way people work and the roles they play in the quarry.

To open the session, Simon Briggs, a Director at Geodime, will chart today’s rapid development of surveying technology.

Neil Williams, UK Business Director at Leica Geosystems, will share the evolution and benefits of autonomous plant and equipment.

Ravi Sahu, CEO of Strayos, discusses how Artificial Intelligence and autonomous remote-sensing cameras can be used to generate near real-time 3D digital representations of a quarry face, for drill and blast surveys.

Moving further through the production process, Ryan Grevenstuk and Brett DeVries, of Flexco, will demonstrate how Flexco Elevate belt cleaner monitoring, allows operatives in the quarry to remotely gather operations-critical data and perform real-time analysis to boost conveyor efficiency.

Concluding the session, Theresa Farrell, Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager at SKF UK, will explain how connecting assets in the cloud is the first step to unlocking the insights in big data.

Intelligent Plant Control 11:35-13:40

Advanced automation and control systems have already made huge inroads into the quarrying sector over the last two decades, but with ever-increasing growth in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud-based technology, machine connectivity and the remote management and monitoring of plant, machinery and processes, what will the next 20 years hold in store for industrial automation and control?

Trimble specialist Sitech UK & Ireland will begin with Key Account Manager Brian Core and Head of Business Ian Barnes exploring The future of construction: how digitalization is creating connected sites.

Robert Whetstone, Area Vice President and Valerie Zimenkova, Head of Sales and Marketing, at Martin Engineering, will then demonstrate how the adoption of Internet of Things solutions in manufacturing, can be a win-win for businesses. They will show how smart equipment can add value to the plant and how companies can monetize this new technology.

Markus Ritala, Sales and Marketing Director at Tamtron, will outline how the firm’s Tamtron One Cloud system of on-board weighing, with remote support and automatic updates, can improve productivity within the quarry.

Neil Mcilwaine, Business Development Manager at Terex Finlay and Sam Dennett, Commercial Accountant at distributor Molson Group, will demonstrate the benefits of the Terex T-Link telematics systems.

Simon Mathias, Global Product Manager at Xylem will present Xylem Field Smart Technology: advanced telemetry for dewatering.

And completing the morning sessions, Chris McKeown, Director of Customer Solutions and Eunan O’Kane, CustomCare Parts Executive at CDE Global, will talk about Washing 4.0, demonstrating how a range of new technologies are shaping the materials washing plants that will be used tomorrow.

Evolution at the interface 14:15-16:00

The way quarry companies operate and do business away from the digging area is being transformed by digitalization. From automated, autonomous surveying and material calculation, pre-planning of drilling and blasting activities, to back-office developments and business software, enhanced technology is helping to deliver greater levels of operational and commercial efficiency. New customer relationship management (CRM) systems and the growing use of electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD) systems both contribute to increased productivity and profitability throughout the supply chain.

To help talk us through these changes, the team at Tarmac Connect - Louise Smith, Dan Moss, Tim Copping and Samantha Ayrton - will demonstrate how Tarmac is going paperless, through the use of ePOD (electronic proof of delivery), providing customers with 24/7 access to account information through a dedicated customer portal.

Recording essential data is perhaps one of the most visible benefits of digitalization. Liam Bermingham, an Explosives Engineer with EPC-UK, will present The digital quarry and show how it is now possible to digitally measure, store and analyse data throughout the entire drill and blast process.

Uwe Wittendorffer, Vertical Business Manager for Strategic Cloud Acceleration at Siemens will reveal how MindSphere can generate further value for the industry, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, anomaly detection and machine learning, providing an end-to-end industrial Internet of Things concept.

And completing this afternoon’s stream, Colin McCreadie, Managing Director of Podfather, will highlight how their electronic ticketing system can provides full time visibility and real time accountability of what’s going on across an earthworks operation.



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