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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

TEMA Process BV

Stand: CE9

TEMA Process B.V. is a specialised design and manufacturing company of Thermal Processing Equipment Fluidized Bed Systems for drying of minerals, (sand, gravel, limestone, clay, salt etc.) The TEMA Fluid Bed can be applied not only for drying, but also for cooling. TEMA Process B.V. established in 2010 employs a team with many years’ experience led by Henk Dijkman.

Shaking fluid beds are frequently used for the drying of raw natural minerals or pre-processed minerals. The shaking drive mechanism allows for uniform drying of a large spread in particle size distribution (110 microns – 10 mm), without disruptions of the fluid bed, suitable for capacities up to 100 t/h.

The TEMA Fluid bed dryers are specially preferred in mineral drying in combination with after cooling and heat recovery, resulting in better end product quality and very low energy consumption. Heat recovered from the cooling zone is re-introduced in the drying zone for energy saving.


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Ir. R.R. van der Zeelaan 5
JH Wapenveld

  • Advantages of continuous fluid-bed dryer system technology Low energy consumption compared to other type of dryers Accurate control of the residence time, product is dried uniformly Gentle on sensitiv ...
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