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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry


Stand: RA2

Reactec combine advanced connected worker technology with cloud-based Analytics software to help you manage common workplace health and safety risks, including exposure to dust, noise, vibration and dangerous proximity to heavy plant operations.

Building upon our hand-arm vibration prevention expertise, Reactec developed R-Link, a new generation of smart watch which is designed to provide a data driven insight into multiple workplace health risks including exposure to vibration when operating power tools and dangerous proximity to moving vehicles, active machinery and unafe areas, all on a single device.

Our eco-system of workplace wearable technology seamlessly transmits data to the cloud-based Reactec Analytics platform. Reactec Analytics collects and overlays risks data from real-time monitoring devices to provide an unprecedented 360-degree view of your risk environment, enabling you to make timely interventions, and refine controls.

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0044 131 221 0920


Vantage Point
3 Cultins Road
EH11 4DF
United Kingdom

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25-27 June 2024 | Hillhead Quarry, Buxton, Derbyshire

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