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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

MB Crusher

Stand: Y1

MB is a leading manufacturer of equipment, machinery and accessories for the construction, demolition and recycling industries. Applicable to any type of excavator, MB products are the most effective means in constructions and excavations, but also in special applications such as quarries, mines and environmental rehabilitations, for crushing, screening and separating inert materials directly on site to reuse it or allocate it to other uses. Crusher buckets, screening buckets, grapples, drum cutters and shafts screeners are an ever-expanding range of products strictly certified, whose use reduce costs, processing times and transportation of materials, while contributing to the environment.


0039 0445308148


Via Astico, 30/A
Fara Vicentino VI

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Weighing 98 kg, the unit is suitable for mini excavators with an operating weight ranging from 1.3 to 2.8 tons. Technical features: - Optimally designed to collect and process material. - The coupler’ ...
  • Practical, handy, and efficient
  • Handy and compact  
  • MB’S little work of magic
  • Designed with our constructive approach towards reducing waste and increasing the profitability of the construction site, this machine is the latest “gem” in the MB Crusher line. What is new about the ...
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