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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Dymac UK Ltd

Stand: A15

DyMac UK is a leading provider of industry-leading fuel and fluid storage solutions, as well as innovative renewable power products. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, our company is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products that align with the UK and European governments’ goals to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Our extensive product range includes industry-leading advanced storage systems and renewable power products. Operating across multiple sectors — from temporary power, equipment rental, quarrying, construction, events, and municipalities — DyMac UK manufactures clean fuel and fluid storage tanks in sizes ranging from 100L to 75,000L, ensuring safe and efficient fuel and fluid management for any scale.


Our AceCube Versatile DEF and AceCube dual-fluid tank ranges are at the forefront in the UK for dedicated and multi-fluid AdBlue storage solutions.


New innovative and sustainable products have been added to our lineup, including solar lighting towers, battery energy storage systems, micro-power grids, and solar energy frames. These advanced solutions reflect our commitment to harnessing clean power and efficient energy management.



03003 033353


DyMac UK Ltd
Snarestone Road
Newton Burgoland
LE67 2SN
United Kingdom

  • The  MacPower ready rental 55 kVA Silenced Canopied Stage V Diesel Generator is powered by a reliable John Deere engine, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency. It features a DeepSea control ...
  • DyMac offers a comprehensive range of fuel and fluid storage tank solutions designed to meet diverse needs across various industries. Prominently featured in our lineup are the AceCube and FuelPod ser ...
  • The AceCube Versatile DEF 800L unit provides secure storage and efficient dispensing of AdBlue for Stage V diesel engines used in generator sets, pumps, plant equipment etc. Its 800-liter capacity and ...
  •   The Lynx Power Bank 45-45 is equipped with a versatile LFP lithium battery and offers high-capacity energy storage, ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Its advanced design ensures long ...
  • The FuelPod Versatile 9000L is designed to securely store bulk fuels for stationary applications. Its double-wall construction and spill prevention features ensure maximum safety and is built in accor ...
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