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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry


Stand: PC39

Doppelmayr Transport Technology provides material transport systems for a wide range of applications

Reliable transport does not only mean to bring material from point A to point B. Other aspects such as the environmental footprint, the reduction of noise, dust and CO2 emissions or increased safety for workers and the surroundings become ever more important. Doppelmayr Transport Technology addresses these topics and provides solutions for all types of bulk material and unit load transport requirements with a wide range of technically proven material transport systems. Its systems, such as ropeways and the RopeCon® are especially well suited for difficult terrain and allow to span existing obstacles. The company is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Doppelmayr Troup. The Austrian family enterprise was founded in 1893 and has established a long tradition of excellence in ropeway engineering. Doppelmayr has built more than 15,000 passenger and material transport systems in 96 countries.


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  • RopeCon® is Doppelmayr’s innovative concept for conveying bulk material. It combines the advantages of proven ropeway engineering with continuous conveyor technology. This enables RopeCon® to easily c ...
  • The success story of ropeways in mountainous regions goes back a long way. These systems transport both passengers and materials simply, safely and efficiently – even in difficult terrain. They come i ...
  • The Doppelmayr Vertical RopeCon® offers vertical transport to surface via shafts. It opens up new material transport opportunities for underground mining and gives the chance to reduce the haul truck ...
  • The Doppelmayr Tunnel RopeCon® convinces through a maintenance-free conveying line, less moving parts and, consequently, high availability even in harsh operating conditions. It transports material sa ...
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