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A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

Dini Argeo

Stand: PD11

Dini Argeo is an Italian manufacturer and distributor of weighing solutions founded in 1846. Today, Dini Argeo’s facility in Modena, Italy serves as Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ primary European manufacturing, distribution and support center, allowing the Rice Lake group to provide quality weighing solutions and customer service globally.


Innovative weighing solutions for the mining industry
Regardless of the nature of the materials to be weighed - whether ore, metal slabs, marble or iron granules - Dini Argeo offers innovative and reliable solutions for weighing heavy loads. Many companies are increasing profitability by optimising production through the use of accurate weighing systems. Heavy-duty scales help reduce costs and losses resulting from insufficient or excessive loads.

The mining and quarrying industry, is closely linked to the supply of construction materials required by numerous manufacturing activities. Weighing these materials requires robust, high-capacity instruments capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions and withstanding high mechanical stresses.

Dini Argeo stands out as an industry leader, offering durable and reliable weighing solutions. From vehicle scales, which can be installed flush or above the floor and are suitable for heavy loads, to scales for silos, tanks and hoppers, the company provides high-end equipment for the mining industry's most demanding requirements.


+44 (0) 1823 330322


Suite 39 Pure Offices
137 Pastures Avenue
BS22 7SB
United Kingdom

  • Dini Argeo offers a solution created specifically for those who need to weigh silos. Durable, easy to install and of high quality, this system is suitable for all silo weighing applications and enable ...
  • Dini Argeo offers a wide range of accurate and robust vehicle axle weighing platforms.  Available for internal use or CE-M approved, they are ideal for weighing vehicles with multiple bearing points s ...
  • The 6116EVO digital totem with large touchscreen display, developed entirely by Dini Argeo, offers excellent performance and is the optimal solution for managing weighing systems for incoming and outg ...
  • Crane scales are fundamental instruments for countless applications to ensure safety and deliver accurate load measurements. When used properly, crane scales can help prevent or limit unsafe condition ...
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