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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

23 Apr 2024

Lekatech to introduce the Electric Hammer

Lekatech to introduce the Electric Hammer
Lekatech Electric Hammer

At Hillhead 2024, Lekatech will take the opportunity to introduce their revolutionary electric hammer technology, which is transforming breaking worldwide. The Lekatech Electric Hammer is powered by new and patented linear electric motor technology, developed to revolutionize the impact hammer market. Designed and built to be highly efficient and with a power-to-weight ratio superior to similar traditionally powered hammers, it is coming to market at the same time as electric-powered carriers, making it a natural partner.

The Lekatech Electric Hammer is a major advance in hammer design and construction. Light in weight and delivering high power but producing low vibrations, it is built for operator comfort, economy, and high productivity. Electrically powered with low emissions and operating costs, the Electric Hammer is the ideal choice when working in zero- or low-emission areas, and is set to transform breaking in quarries, mines, demolition, and construction sites globally.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with electric carrier machines (although it can be used by traditionally powered carriers), the Lekatech Electric Hammer delivers up to 70% energy savings when factoring in overall energy consumption of the equipment. In addition to energy efficiency, the Lekatech Electric Hammer significantly outperforms comparable traditional technology, providing twice the blow impact energy of a hydraulic hammer of the same size.



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