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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

12 Apr 2024

Latest CleanScrape belt cleaners on show at Hillhead 2024

Latest CleanScrape belt cleaners on show at Hillhead 2024
Innovative design means that CleanScrape CS1 primary belt cleaner takes less space than conventional cleaners

Martin Engineering will showcase the latest products from their innovative range of CleanScrape conveyor belt cleaners at Hillhead 2024.

Featuring unique patented technology, CleanScrape primary (CS1) and secondary (CS2) cleaners are unlike any other belt cleaner on the market, thanks to a revolutionary design that uses a matrix of tungsten carbide wear tips.

CleanScrape has become established as the most durable conveyor belt cleaning system available, with the latest products delivering superior cleaning, whole-life cost reductions, and up to four times the service life of conventional blades, with less than half the maintenance.

Installed at a three-dimensional helix-shaped angle across the face of the discharge pulley, the CleanScrape primary cleaner (CS1) requires minimal space for installation. The clever design incorporates a matrix of tungsten carbide scrapers available in several different carbide metal grades to suit specific materials and belt structures.

The blade is tensioned lightly against the belt using cables to prevent damage to the belt or splices. Despite extremely low contact pressure between the belt and the cleaner, it has been shown to remove as much as 95% of potential carryback material.

The CleanScrape secondary cleaner (CS2) is particularly effective when continuous production is essential or where servicing is difficult, including hard-to-access, high-temperature, or corrosive environments.

CS2 can be used with any primary belt cleaner but works best with the CleanScrape primary cleaner (CS1). Used together, they form an unrivalled pairing that virtually eliminates material carryback, plus the associated clean-up and downtime.

Martin Engineering UK branch manager Dave Harasym said: ‘CleanScrape delivers improved cleaning performance, less spillage, longer equipment life, and easier, safer maintenance. It’s more efficient and improves productivity – what’s not to like?’



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