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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

24 Apr 2024

Introducing PHALANX Rental CoPilot

Introducing PHALANX Rental CoPilot
A PHALANX Rental CoPilot screenshot

Spartan Solutions be using Hillhead 2024 to launch PHALANX Rental CoPilot, an advanced AI tool designed to enhance the accuracy and compliance of any rental photo – whether at depot dispatch, customer drop-off, pick-up, receipt, or in the workshop.

Leveraging sophisticated AI technology, the PHALANX Rental CoPilot meticulously evaluates every photo processed through the system. This intelligent solution ensures each photo includes the correct equipment and meets quality standards. Photos not meeting these criteria are immediately flagged, prompting a quick retake to maintain the highest documentation standards. PHALANX Rental CoPilot runs directly on the mobile device, providing fast response times, even when the fitter or driver has poor or no mobile data connection.

The PHALANX Rental CoPilot intercepts errors as they occur, allowing real-time corrections that streamline operations and uphold strict compliance. This not only enhances the accuracy of records, but also improves the overall quality of service. The PHALANX Operations Dashboard offers depot managers a continuous real-time overview of team compliance, empowering them to lead with greater efficiency and assurance.

Through the PHALANX Operations Dashboard, the quality of photos is consistently monitored, allowing the hire control team to share precise, high-quality photos with clients quickly. This commitment to transparency and quality helps to build trust and satisfaction among clients, fostering lasting relationships and encouraging repeat business.

‘At Spartan Solutions, we are dedicated to improving the PHALANX tools our clients rely on to manage their operations effectively,’ said chief operating officer John Glen. ‘The PHALANX Rental CoPilot significantly improves photo quality across rental operations. This enhanced quality allows our clients to confidently share photos with their end customers.’ 



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