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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

12 Apr 2024

Hybrid power without compromise

Hybrid power without compromise
SBM’s new flagship – the REMAX 600 impact crusher

SBM Mineral Processing, the Austrian specialists in track-mounted hybrid electrified crushing plants, are coming to Hillhead 2024 with a diverse range of machines and strong dealer support: ‘For the first time, the quarry show is more than just an important away game for us. We have been working very successfully with our distribution partners Banner Equipment and Orba Group for almost two years now and can now prepare even better for the industry highlight,’ explained SBM area sales manager Norbert Dieplinger.

‘Within a short period of time, the strong dealer commitment has not only given us a high level of national awareness in all parts of the country, further we have also reached all the industries relevant to us – from quarries and recycling specialists to construction companies using our fully hybrid crushing technology on site,’ said the sales specialist, summing up the successful entry into the UK market with reference to successful machine placements.

Talks with other sales and service partners are nearing completion: ‘We are in the process of strengthening key positions and will be able to present an even stronger ‘Team UK’ in Buxton at the end of June,’ said Mr Dieplinger.

SBM Mineral Processing offer a total of 12 JAWMAX track-mounted jaw crushers and REMAX impact crushers, with operating weights ranging from 23 to 160 tonnes. The unique selling point of SBM’s mobile machines in all classes is the sophisticated diesel-electric drive concept with the option of full all-electric plug-in power supply from the grid or other external power sources. The competition, on the other hand, is often limited to the light 30-tonne and under segment, or offers only partially electrified models, or large crushers with multiple transport units that are difficult to move.

The highly mobile JAWMAX and REMAX models are completely different in their performance ranges from 200 to 600 tonnes/h. The consistent integration of diesel/generator combinations and the extensive electrification of all drives such as screens, conveyors as well as essential hydraulic components (crusher adjustment, crawler drive, lifting cylinders) result in compact transport dimensions and weights, ensuring easy one-piece, low-bed transport and fast set-up times on site. In terms of feed size and screening equipment, all SBM mobiles are well ahead of their respective performance classes, which significantly increases productivity in raw materials and recycling.

‘Economic efficiency and environmental sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in operations, especially in the UK market,’ said Mr Dieplinger, referring to stricter emissions regulations and industry-wide efforts to improve the environmental footprint of conventional drives with alternative fuels such as HVO. ‘Our diesel-electric drives with the latest Stage V engines are inherently much more efficient than fully hydraulic or only partially electrified system concepts – on average we use up to 40% less diesel for an even better output. Thanks to variable fixed speeds of our engines and, of course, fully electric operation, the immediate environment also benefits from significantly lower noise levels.’

High productivity is also the focus of SBM’s Hillhead exhibits: the company will be showing three machines – or the equivalent of 1500 tonnes/h – on the stand and in the adjacent live demo.

The presentation of the REMAX 600 impact crusher also heralds the UK market launch of SBM’s new flagship. With an operating weight of around 80 tonnes, the 1400-class impact crusher (inlet opening: 1,380mm x 1,000mm) produces a maximum 600 tonnes/h, defining a completely new performance segment in mobile crushing. The plant offers real added value with its complete package of standard equipment plus options that provide a variety of high-quality final aggregate fractions. In addition to standard pre-screening via a double-deck circular vibratory screen, there are three optional secondary circular vibratory product screens (one, two, and three-deck), all of which can facilitate the recirculation of oversized material, as well as highly cantilevered discharge conveyors for large product stockpiles. Even fully equipped, the plant can be transported in one piece and set up quickly (approx. 45mins) without the need for any auxiliary equipment, even for one-man operation.

The REMAX 600 is powered by a Cummins Stage-V diesel engine and a 520kVA generator or, as an option, fully electric from the mains, with plug-in switching and all system functions managed by the intuitive SBM CRUSH CONTROL. The system actively supports the machine operator: even at maximum capacity and full integration of all production screens, uninterrupted one-man operation is guaranteed with optimized consumption data and low environmental emissions (dust, noise etc).

CRUSH CONTROL, the integration of new AI-based real-time analyses and satellite-based data exchange, is also at the heart of the ‘Autonomous Crushing’ project that SBM are driving forward on the basis of the REMAX 600 and about which the manufacturer will be providing comprehensive information at the trade fair.

Also on the stand, SBM will present the JAWMAX 450 jaw crusher as a universal, highly mobile 450 tonnes/h solution for raw materials and recycling. At the heart of the nearly 40-tonne plant is a jaw crusher with a high crushing force of up to 400 Brinell, a large feed opening of 1,100mm x 700mm for feed sizes up to 800mm, and crushing gap adjustment under load (40–160mm).

The CRUSH CONTROL system with automatic foreign object detection and overload protection ensures high availability. Crusher performance is further optimized by the 7 cubic metre feed hopper and an active double-deck circular vibrating pre-screen with triple-flap chute controlling the discharge/bypass or blend of the screened fine fractions, reducing crusher wear and increasing production output thanks to a significantly more homogeneous crushed material. The SBM JAWMAX 450 is equipped with a diesel-electric hybrid drive (200kVA) with plug-in power option and an electrically driven crusher (110kW), to provide highest quality production at the lowest carbon footprint.

The track-mounted REMAX 450, which SBM will be demonstrating live, also features the innovative active pre-screening solution that optimizes the performance of the class-leading impact crusher (1,260mm x 800mm inlet) for feed sizes up to 1,000mm. The system achieves a maximum output of 450 tonnes/h, with generously dimensioned transfers and conveyors allowing trouble-free production of various defined end products in a single pass, even when fully equipped with fine-grain side discharge and optional one- or two- deck secondary screen, including oversize grain recirculation. With its 8 cubic metre feed hopper, large stockpile capacity, and standard multi-function remote control, the large crusher can be efficiently operated by one person from an excavator or wheel loader. Equipped with a 300kVA diesel/generator unit and electric crusher motor (160kW), the REMAX 450 weighs between 47 and c.54 tonnes, depending on the equipment, and SBM quote consumption values of between 25 and 32 litres/h for diesel-electric operation as a reference.



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