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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

03 May 2024

Hillhead heads-up – EPC-UK and EPC Metrics take to the stand

Hillhead heads-up – EPC-UK and EPC Metrics take to the stand
The POLAREX MINI OP (open pit) probe – a precise borehole deviation-monitoring tool for measuring and maintaining the orientation and angular velocity of blastholes

Returning to Hillhead in June 2024, EPC-UK and EPC Metrics provide a taster of what visitors will be able to see, learn, and experience when they meet up with the presentation team that is ready to showcase EPC’s latest-generation industry innovations, optimized performance tools, and sustainability-driven solutions.

Expanding EPC-UK and EPC Metrics’ capabilities beyond drilling and blasting alone, the team will detail the new ROG+ service. This involves utilizing the next generation of blasting technologies to deliver improved performances, then measuring customers’ downstream performances on a continual feedback-loop basis. This enables engineers to make slight adjustments to improve future blasting decisions and better the entire value chain from face-to-gate or mine-to-mill.

By tailoring the technology tools available under ROG+ to the customers’ individual site requirements, and by benefiting from the advanced accuracy of ROG+ machine learning, customers can reduce expenditure and environmental impact, whether that is linked to loading, hauling, fuel usage, or crushing.

The team will also demonstrate the POLAREX MINI OP (open pit) probe. This precise borehole deviation-monitoring tool for measuring and maintaining the orientation and angular velocity of blastholes provides highly accurate down-the-hole data to improve drilling performances, optimize explosive energy, and improve blast fragmentations and safety performance.

With the engineering support of the EPC Metrics team, customers’ POLAREX equipment is better managed, supplied, calibrated, and maintained, helping to reduce costs and, importantly, better quantify design vs. actual results to improve continuous accuracy.

Supported by the Android-compatible POLAREX app, the probe is as easy to use as it is effective, as the data gathered can be simply transferred to any external software package.

Meanwhile, EPC Groupe’s progressive collaboration with vibration measurement instrument providers Vibraquipo in 2024 will further customers’ digitalization and data-management strategies out in the field. A leading international manufacturer of instrument solutions for the quarrying, mining, and tunnelling industries, Vibraquipo’s equipment and EPC Metrics’ associated service options will mean instruments can be managed, supplied, calibrated, and repaired here in the UK. At the Hillhead stand, customers will be able to find out more about this value-adding, technically advanced service that is now available in addition to EPC-UK’s established drilling and blasting solutions.

Hillhead stand visitors will also be able find out more about the UK manufacture of EPC Boost T, planned to come into effect during 2024. Boost T will be the first full booster product to be manufactured directly by EPC-UK. By producing these boosters within a remote, fully automated, operator-less facility, EPC-UK will improve the safety of manufacture and the security of supply and product quality within their machine-run plant.

Talk to EPC during Hillhead to see how the team is ready to shape the future of the drilling and blasting industry, or to find out more about the company’s commercial services or products in the meantime, email:



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