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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

09 May 2024

Expanded product range from Con Mech

Expanded product range from Con Mech
A Dozco rock breaker in action

Con Mech Engineers are returning to Hillhead with an expanded product range this year, thanks to several strategic distribution agreements with global manufacturers. On this year’s stand, the company will be promoting its Blademaster ground-engaging tools range and is also thrilled to announce that it has secured distribution agreements with BS Track (undercarriages) and Dozco (rock breakers).

The new partnerships mark a significant enhancement in Con Mech Engineers’ offerings. Bernard Nestler, general manager at BS Track, said: ‘The UK market should have access to undercarriage components made of UK Steel. Our partnership will allow UK customers to buy high-quality track groups that perform well. Con Mech Engineers are ideal distributors due to their reputation for supplying high-quality wear parts manufactured in the UK.’

Similarly, NG Bangur, director of Dozco, said: ‘The strategic partnership with Con Mech Engineers aims to expand Dozco’s presence in the UK market and provide customers with access to our high-quality rock breaker range, which focuses on customer satisfaction and cutting-edge technology.

‘We are confident that our international-standard high-quality rock breaker range, competitive price, and partnership with Con Mech Engineers, whose vast network and commitment to delivering top-notch customer service, perfectly aligns with Dozco’s core value, will redefine the rock breaker segment.’

Known for improved efficiency, increased productivity, and less downtime, Blademaster’s cutting edges, blades, and ground-engaging tools are manufactured in the UK using British steel. Con Mech Engineers pride themselves on being the only UK company to boast ‘Made in UK’. All aspects of the manufacturing process are optimized to ensure that the cutting edges supplied have the 'through hardness' and textbook microstructure required to work harder for longer. 

Sam Haygarth, Con Mech Engineers’ sales director, highlights the challenges and intricacies of achieving consistent hardness throughout the thickness of steel during the heat treatment process. She points out that while some competitors manage to achieve good surface hardness, the hardness often diminishes towards the middle of the plate.

According to Ms Haygarth, achieving uniform through-thickness hardness relies heavily on the steel’s chemistry. The microstructure of the steel, which is crucial for locking in the desired hardness, is determined during the quenching phase of the heat treatment. This emphasizes the importance of using high-quality steel with the right chemical composition to achieve optimal results in hardness throughout the material.

With more than 15,000 part numbers available in standard and heavy-duty thicknesses, Con Mech Engineers’ products are designed to cope with the most demanding environments and terrains. Trusted by OEMs and end-users, their products demonstrate the durability and resilience required to help customers work more efficiently. 

Con Mech Engineers’ team looks forward to meeting visitors at Hillhead and helping them work more efficiently. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the stand to learn more about the company’s current and expanded product range and the benefits of its new partnerships.



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