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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

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18 Apr 2024

CASE launch new 651G Evolution wheel loader

CASE launch new 651G Evolution wheel loader
The new CASE 651G Evolution wheel loader fills a gap between the 621G and 721G

CASE Construction Equipment have upgraded their mid-sized wheel loader range, with the launch of an eighth model. The all-new 651G Evolution fills a gap between the 621G and the 721G. Based on the parent model, the 621G, the new loader is said to offer improved loading performance for class-leading levels of productivity.

The larger 721G, 821G and 921G Evolution models have also been upgraded and now boast increased tipping loads and bucket dump heights, further improving productivity for customers. This additional performance has allowed CASE to offer a new range of higher-capacity rehandling buckets on all models from the 651G to the 921G, with curved side edges and a redesigned top guard, delivering increased capacities, improved bucket penetration and material retention.

The 651G Evolution, along with the three larger models, features reinforced front and rear chassis sections to cope with the increased performance. Heavy-duty axles are now fitted as standard, with a choice of differentials on each axle. Customers can choose between a 100% differential lock on the front axle and an open differential on the rear, a 100% differential lock on the front and a limited-slip differential at the rear, or a limited-slip differential in both axles.

Evolution operators benefit from a spacious Level 2 ROPS/FOPS protected cab, with a touchscreen display providing control over all machine functions. This includes the ability to set engine speed at a fixed rev/min and the possibility of automatic engagement of ride control at a set speed. The G-Series loaders already allow the operator to access a digital manual through the monitor, while the cab features adjustable electrohydraulic control levers, new power modes, and configurable buttons on the main console.

An integrated weigh load scale allows the operator to accurately load and record material moved, with the availability of a wide range of data sets, including job ticket, customer name, truck registration, and target load data. All of this information can be automatically transmitted to the site office via the CASE SiteWatch telematic portal.

CASE G-Series Evolution wheel loaders are powered by proven EU Stage V FPT Industrial diesel engines. These have a capacity of 4.5 litres on the 521G, 6.7 litres on the 621G to 921G, and 8.7 litres for the 1021G and 1121G. Wastegate turbochargers are used on all models up to the 921G, with variable geometry turbos for the two larger models. All engines use FPT’s proven Hi-eSCR2 after-treatment system, with no requirement for EGR. The machines are compatible with a range of synthetic and sustainable fuels, including HVO and XTL.

The new 651G Evolution will be covered by all existing services offered by CASE, including extended warranty and planned maintenance contracts, regular inspections, fluid analysis, maintenance kits, and telematics.

The new model is equipped with telematics enabled by a 4G SiteConnect module that can be accessed via the new SiteManager app, available for iOS and Android devices. CASE say the platform was built with customers in mind.

SiteConnect allows a two-way communication between machines and CASE dealers, who can run remote diagnostics and best advise operators on any issues identified without visiting the site. Algorithm-driven proactive analysis of potential failures and reduced time to fix issues means more uptime and productivity. If a potential problem is detected, an alert is sent to the CASE dealer with specific recommendations and actions to fix issues before they become problems. SiteConnect and telematics come as standard with the G-Series Evolution.

As introduced with the G Evolution series, the service intervals extended from 500 to 1,000 hours also apply to 651G, benefiting from reduced total cost of maintenance available through CASE Care planned maintenance programme, offering a variety of duration and application coverages as well as payment options.

The new CASE 651G will be on show at Hillhead 2024.



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