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2024 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

17 Apr 2024

Brokk revolutionize demolition technology

Brokk revolutionize demolition technology
Brokk are looking to revolutionize demolition technology with their SmartPower+ Generation of robots

Among Brokk’s latest generation of industry-leading demolition robots are the Brokk 170 and Brokk 200+, which will be on show at Hillhead 2024, where attendees will discover how Brokk SmartPower+ and its many features offer significant improvements in endurance, operating experience, and intelligence.

Brokk’s new range of SmartPower+ robots offer unmatched endurance by increasing operational uptime with consistent power delivery over time, resulting in unmatched performance. Expertly engineered with rugged components, this newest generation is resistant to shock, temperature, and vibration – with all new robots and control boxes protected to an IP65 equivalent for outstanding reliability regardless of the work conditions. Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation also includes a noteworthy 87% reduction in cables and connectors, reducing weak points while also facilitating servicing and troubleshooting.

Brokk SmartPower+, which revolutionizes the operating experience for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike with more precision, better response times, and greater ease of operation, introduces a new and improved lightweight control box weighing less than 3kg, which contributes to more enjoyable and comfortable work shifts.

The new, ergonomically designed control box features tilted joysticks, easier-to-reach features, and faster dual charging. The control box also includes the innovative Brokk QuickSwitch and intuitive settings for an improved operating experience, making it easier than ever to operate a Brokk robot and, in turn, easier to find and train operators. With Brokk’s new range of SmartPower+ robots and state-of-the-art features, operators can perform the demolition task at hand without shifting their gaze from the machine between commands, and as such, without compromising on performance or safety.

‘With nearly five decades of experience, Brokk understand the challenges many industry professionals face in finding skilled operators to get the job done right,’ said Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group. ‘This is precisely why we are committed to creating solutions for both seasoned professionals and new operators alike, setting a new benchmark in the demolition landscape.’

This new generation of robots elevates the operator-machine interaction, focusing on added intelligence for the benefit of the operator. Visual status updates through incremental light indicators allow the operator to focus their attention on the demolition work at hand while simultaneously monitoring the status of the machine. A two-way communication system communicates the status back to the operator in real time, while customized features enhance the operating experience.

Brokk’s SmartPower+ generation is much smarter too, alerting the operator about any unwanted power supply or machine statuses, further contributing to an increase in uptime and overall reliability. Moreover, Brokk SmartPower+ is enabled for future over-the-air upgrades to always be at the forefront of the industry. Fast and simple settings, an increase in sensors, as well as the addition of individual tool pre-sets, all contribute toward a more user-friendly and efficient operator interface.

‘We are thrilled to introduce Brokk SmartPower+ and a new generation of demolition robots that redefine the demolition landscape,’ said Mr Krupicka. ‘This innovative advancement reflects Brokk’s dedication to pushing the limits and providing operators cutting-edge machines that surpass expectations.’



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