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2022 Exhibitor Press Releases

A view of the Hillhead show ground from the western end of the quarry

30 Mar 2022

SMT GB proudly announce their return to Hillhead

SMT GB proudly announce their return to Hillhead
The 95-tonne Volvo EC950F will be on show for the first time in Great Britain

Wide range of new Volvo construction equipment and latest technology on show for the first time

After a two-year break from shows and exhibitions due to COVID-19, SMT GB are proud to announce that they will be attending Hillhead 2022 with a wide range of the latest Volvo construction equipment and technological solutions.

New machines on show for the first time in GB

On the SMT GB stand, visitors will have the opportunity to see, displayed for the first time in Great Britain, the all-new EWR130E wheeled excavator, the EW200E material handler, the 50-tonne EC530E excavator, and the EC300E Hybrid excavator. Visitors will also be able to see the 95-tonne EC950F excavator at work in the demonstration area.

The multipurpose EWR130E wheeled excavator sets a new standard for powerful machine performance in an unbeatably compact package. Well suited for working in tight urban spaces, its wheeled drive means it can quickly move through infrastructure projects with ease. At 12–13 tonnes, the EW130E also possesses a light enough footprint to carry out landscaping work.

Purpose built for waste and recycling, the all new EW200E material handler builds on the success of the larger EW240E to deliver outstanding results in waste and recycling applications.

Delivering the same levels of controllability and performance as an equivalent conventional machine, but with a 12–17% potential fuel efficiency improvement, the new EC300E Hybrid excavator is the environmentally respectful choice for delivering powerful performance in built-up areas.

The EC530E and EC550E excavators were launched in 2020 and the EC530E model will be on show on the SMT GB stand. Designed for heavy-duty digging, mass excavation, and large site preparation, both the EC530E and EC550E boast superb operator comfort, outstanding levels of update, and a new generation of electro-hydraulics.

Originally due to be shown for the first time at Hillhead 2020, the EC950F excavator (pictured) will be working in the demonstration area directly behind the SMT stand. The 95-tonne EC950F is Volvo’s largest excavator to date and delivers maximum productivity in heavy rock or muck-shifting applications, thanks to its combination of power, stability and breakout force.

Volvo electric machines

A specially designed ‘electric village’ will also be featured on SMT GB’s newly redesigned stand, which will offer Hillhead visitors their first opportunity to see the recently expanded Volvo electric construction equipment range, which includes the EC18 Electric and ECR18 Electric compact excavators, and the L20 Electric compact wheeled loader. The ECR25 Electric, which was displayed for the first time at Bauma in 2019, will also be on the stand.

The opportunity to see these all-new electric machines working in mock real-world applications will also be available, as demo shows will take place on the stand daily at 10:00, 12:00, and 14:00.

Latest technologies

In addition, SMT GB will be showcasing their latest technological efficiency and productivity-boosting solutions, which are focused on the categories of ‘Efficient Sites’, ‘Intelligent Data’, and ‘Flexible Maintenance and Repair’. Not only do these solutions boast the latest technologies to help boost site, project, and machine efficiency and productivity, but they also reduce downtime, waste, and the total cost of ownership for customers.

The ‘Efficient Sites’ solutions being showcased are Volvo Eco Operator training and Volvo Co-Pilot, state-of-the-art simulators, and SMT Site Simulation.

Having a reliable and efficient fleet of machines plays an important part in every project, but it is the performance of the operator and the efficiency-boosting technology available to them that really makes the difference. This is where Volvo Co-Pilot and Eco Operator training delivered by SMT GB can make a real difference.

Using Volvo’s state-of-the-art cab-mounted touchscreen, Volvo Co-Pilot provides the operator with all of the information they need to complete projects in less time and with more precision. Through the specially designed advanced training course provided by SMT GB, Eco Operator teaches operators how to get the most out of their Volvo machines, while also reducing fuel consumption, emissions, and wear, which is made possible thanks to SMT GB’s cutting-edge machine simulators, providing operators with the ability to get hands-on with a highly accurate digital version of their machines, while also providing them with real-world feedback in a safe classroom environment to hone their skills and identify areas for improvement.

SMT GB’s newly developed Site Simulation solution uses advanced drone technology to generate highly accurate 3D models of any site it is deployed on. This provides customers with the ability to accurately determine the current condition of a site, suggest optimal machine pairings, and identify what changes will improve on-site productivity and efficiency.

The solutions being showcased for the ‘Intelligent Data’ area include CareTrack, ProCare, Insight Reports, and MySMT.

CareTrack provides customers with the ability to monitor and analyse a broad range of data on a fleet-wide basis, whilst SMT ProCare goes one step further to offer real-time performance data on individual machines within a fleet. Insight Reports combines the information from both CareTrack and ProCare to generate a simple-to-understand and analyse report on fleet performance. MySMT provides customers with a web browser-based portal to provide easy access to all of SMT’s intelligent data solutions, order parts, and book servicing or repairs from anywhere.

Lastly, the ‘Flexible Maintenance and Repair’ solutions area will showcase the benefits of SMT GB’s Customer Support Agreements, as well as Volvo-certified rebuilds, used parts and equipment, and online parts portal.

Recently overhauled to introduce two new levels of cover, SMT GB’s Customer Support Agreements provide a set of service packages that provide comprehensive machine cover and suit all budgets, offering customers considerable peace of mind to protect the investment made in their machinery.

Thanks to the quality of refurbishment available from SMT GB’s Volvo-certified rebuilds programme, purchasing from new is no longer necessarily the best option available to customers. Similarly, SMT GB’s expert used equipment and parts teams provide a highly credible and cost-effective alternative to purchasing new parts and equipment. SMT GB’s online parts portal provides customers with the ability to search for and order parts from anywhere, 24/7, and receive free standard shipping for all orders placed through the portal.

SMT GB market Volvo Construction Equipment products, together with K-Tec articulated hauler scraper boxes, in Great Britain. There are eight strategically placed Customer Support Centres, a dedicated National Used Equipment Centre and a network of utility equipment dealers to ensure high-quality customer support is maintained throughout the country.



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